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Custom Farmhouse Tables

Handcrafted, reproduction farmhouse tables built exactly the way you want it!

Custom Reproduction Farmhouse Tables

We here at Painted Porch specialize in handcrafted, custom farmhouse tables built especially for you. We work with you to custom build a table that you will love. We offer many options, sizes and variations, so your table will be a truly unique, quality piece of furniture. With just a simple discussion, we can create a custom built farmhouse table that will become the table you've always wanted but just didn't know it!

Our farmhouse tables are built by hand by our master craftsmen. They have spent years perfecting their art which combines traditional table working methods with new innovations. We have literally seen some of the most beautiful pieces of handcrafted furniture pass through our shop thanks to their incredible work.

Our farmhouse tables have a unique rustic quality because we use materials like old durable pine or oak barn wood to create the table top. This choice of antique materials allows your table to feel like a cherished heirloom that has been apart of your family for generations yet has the sturdiness of a brand new table. You can then decide which style of table leg you would like. From tapered legs to cabriole, French country to pedestals, our craftsmen molds each piece of wood into a beautifully detailed table leg.

This is your table. We are able to build our farmhouse tables to any length, width or height and even shape. We also build tables with or without leaves and extensions so you can adjust the size of your table when you need to.

From there, there are endless possibilities for styling. You have your choice of dozens of stains for the table top to which you can compliment with many different colors of paint for the legs. The choice is up to you! We stain and hand paint each table ourselves.

To achieve that homey, antiqued look, we are able to distress our farmhouse tables by hand to any level you'd like. We especially love this effect because it gives your table true character.

Our craftsmen have an eye for detail and carefully build each custom reproduction farmhouse table by hand, which at most can take up to 8 weeks to build. If that's not quite as quick as you'd like, we can also work with you on creating your table in a time frame that works best for you. Once your table is ready, we'll schedule its delivery to your home with you.

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7 Ways our Farmhouse Tables can be Customized

Height - Decide how tall or short you would like your table to be.

Width - Decide if you would like a narrow, standard or wide table.

Length - Determine the length of your farmhouse table so it will fit perfectly in your dining room, kitchen or office.

Shape - Square, oval, rectangle or round - the choice is up to you!

Style of Legs - With many complimentary styling of legs, you decide which unique set you would like.

Stain or Paint - Give it a splash of color or a subtle stain - we have many to choose from.

Level of Distressment - Would you like a crisp, new looking table, or an antique-like table filled with character?

Leaves or Extensions - Do you need a table that needs to be extended sometimes for extra dinner guests? Your farmhouse table can include additional pieces.

Featured Farmhouse Tables

Custom Farmhouse Table

Custom Farmhouse Table - Rectangular Pine Farm Table
Made using beautiful old pine barn boards, this custom farmhouse table has a wonderful smooth light wood top with painted cabriole legs. It's been distressed by hand to enhance the antique character of the table.

Custom Farmhouse Table

Custom Farmhouse Table - Reproduction Dining Table - Leaves Store in Drawer
A stunning cherry reproduction table with slight distressment, it is seven feet long and comes with two eighteen inch leaves which can easily be stored away in a drawer when not needed.

Custom Farmhouse Table

Custom Farmhouse Table - Rectangular Draw Leaf Table
This style of table can be made using oak, mahogany or cherry wood. Made by our mastercraftsmen in England, each table can be customized to any width, height or length.

Custom Farmhouse Table

Custom Farmhouse Table - Stained Pine Board Table w/ Extended Draw Leaves

A handsome custom farmhouse table, this one has a gorgeous stained pine top with a green painted base that coordiantes perfectly. It comes with two extended draw leaves to lengthen the table whenever you need to.

Canadian Antique Furniture

Custom Farmhouse Table - Rectangular Table with Cabrio Legs

A gorgeous custom farmhouse table with built in drawer, it has a beautiful dark golden brown stain that blends in with dark cabrio legs. It's been distressed perfectly to give it an antique quality.

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About Painted Porch

In addition to our custom farmhouse tables, we offer a wonder collection of French, English and Canadian antique furniture. We travel the countryside of these 3 countries in search of charming antique furniture that we bring back to our shop in Massachusetts. Our shop has been New England's top destination antique lovers in search of that key piece of furniture that will complete their home. We're proud to bring our furniture and custom farmhouse tables online as well and will be happy to deliver to all 50 states and Europe. Feel free to give us a call or drop by our store. We look forward to hearing from you!